Introducing the CalDigit AV Pro

CalDigit is proud to introduce a brand new product – the AV Pro, a single drive storage solution that can accept both regular 3.5″ HDDs, and 2.5″ SSDs. Whether you need outstanding speed, or huge storage capacities for your video files, the AV Pro has you covered. The 3.5″ HDD version will be available in storage capacities up to 4TB, and because this is one of the only single drive solutions with a removable drive, you can always remove the drive and add extra storage in the future!

The SSD version of the AV Pro can reach read and write speeds of up to 430 MB/s! This is down to the new UAS Protocol that we have incorporated into the drive. In the past USB 3.0 used the old BOT Protocol that could only process one command at a time, but now the UAS Protocol that is used in this CalDigit drive, can process multiple commands at the same time. This means that we can get faster speeds with less CPU usage.

If you’re looking to use the AV Pro on location then no problem. If used with the SSD drive the AV Pro can be bus powered, meaning no extra power source is required to run the drive!

More information about price and availability of the AV Pro will be available on the CalDigit website shortly.



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