RAID 1 – Protecting your Edit

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there…you’re in the middle of an edit…something goes wrong, and you’ve lost your media files. It happens to the best of us. At CalDigit we have solved the problem by making robust hardware RAID 1 drives that have been protecting editor’s media files for many years, and letting them focus on making great work.

In this example we will be talking about the CalDigit VR2. This is a true “hardware RAID” device. This means that the RAID controller is independent of the CPU, and all the processing the VR2 needs to complete is done through the VR2’s onboard RAID controller, meaning no stress is put on your computer’s CPU. The beauty of this is that your computer’s RAM, and CPU can be used by your NLE of choice, such as Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere instead of your RAID device.

The VR2 is capable of hardware RAID 0, 1, and JBOD. For this article we will be focusing on RAID 1, and how it can give any editor piece of mind when working on their next project. When configured to RAID 1 the VR2 mirrors your media files on to both drives. For example, if anything happened to one of the drives, you would still have all of your data on the other drive, and could continue working with no interruptions. That means zero downtime in your edit.

If you want to replace the faulty drive, all you have to do is get a replacement drive, put it into the VR2, and the original drive will automatically copy your media files onto the new one, and you will be back to your RAID 1 mirrored protection.

Even though you are using the VR2 in a RAID 1 mode, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice performance. In RAID 1 the VR2 can reach read and write speeds up to 160MB/s via eSATA!

The VR2 is available in capacities up to 8TB. When used in RAID 1, that will give you 4TB of hard drive space for all your media files. The removable drives on the VR2 allow you to expand the capacity of your unit even more. The VR2 can also be daisy chained via its Firewire ports in order to connect multiple units together.

Here are a few features that the VR2 includes which really sets it apart from other RAID 1 storage solutions:

1. Front facing LED status lights – if there is ever a problem with one of the drives you instantly know which one it is.

2. LCD display – everything on the VR2 can be configured using the LCD display. This includes changing the  RAID settings, and naming the drive.

3. Multiple interfaces – the VR2 features eSATA, USB 3.0, Firewire 800, and Firewire 400 ports.

The CalDigit VR2 is available through CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and through the CalDigit online store.


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