RAID 5 – Ultimate Speed & Protection

When it comes to piece of mind over the safety of your video files, there is truly no compromise when it comes to RAID 5 solutions. CalDigit’s HDPro2 is the powerhouse of the post production world. It’s ability to perform RAID 5, which strikes a balance between speed, and security is truly outstanding.

For anyone that’s not familiar with RAID 5, it uses a redundant drive,  that in the event of one of your drives failing, would still keep all of your data intact.

When set to RAID 5, the HDPro2 can reach speeds of up to 800 MB/s, and still give users the single drive redundancy of RAID 5.

The HDPro2 is fast enough to edit up to uncompressed 2K footage. It can easily edit multiple streams of ProRes, and DNxHD footage with the added protection of RAID 5. In fact it can transfer a 2GB file in just under 3 seconds!

What are the benefits of the HDPro v other RAID 5 devices? Other popular RAID 5 storage solutions on the market tend to offer speeds of around 450 MB/s compared to the HDPro2’s 800 MB/s. The HDPro2 uses a PCIe connection that connects directly to the host computer. This direct link eliminates latency introduced by the conversion of other interfaces to PCI Express, and provides superior bandwidth.

As you can see from the above data, the HDPro2 can work with 17 streams of ProRes 422 1920 x 1080 whilst at the same time giving you RAID 5 protection!

The CalDigit HDPro2 is available from CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and through the CalDigit online store.


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