Tip of the Week Oct, 26 2012


The CalDigit VR2, and VRmini both include a piece of software called RAID Tool. This application allows you to monitor, and modify various settings on your CalDigit RAID device.

For this example, we have a VR2 connected to our host computer. As you can see from the image below, all the basic information about our VR2 is shown on the left hand side of RAID Tool. This includes your drive’s serial number, firmware version, system temperature, RAID type, capacity, and bus connection.


This section of the software allows you to view basic information about the HDDs inside your RAID storage. This includes your HDD serial number, drive status, and volume size.

RAID Configuration

This section of RAID Tool allows you to change the RAID settings of your device. With the VR2, and the VRmini you can actually use the LCD display on those devices to change the RAID settings. However, for those people who prefer to do it on a computer, or for those people who have multiple CalDigit RAID devices this would be a much more streamlined solution.

Email Notification

If you are working in a post production environment, and need to monitor multiple VR2 or VRmini units, the email notification function of RAID Tool is a handy feature to keep you informed of any changes to your storage devices.

Fan and Temperature

This section gives you the fan speed, and individual drive temperature of each disk in your VR2 or VRmini.

Event Logs

All the information about any recent changes to your RAID device will be listed in this section of RAID Tool. This is a very handy feature if you ever need to contact CalDigit support, as they can look at this info to try and diagnose any problems.

Firmware Update

Use this section to check for any firmware updates for your devices.

Misc. Configuration

This section of RAID Tool has some of the handiest features. You can remove the ability to modify the RAID settings via the LCD display on your devices so that no one else can make any changes, and you can change the name that is displayed on your VR2 or VRmini’s LCD screen. This is very handy if you have multiple devices, and need to distinguish between them all. There is also the ability to set up password protection so that no one can change any of your settings via RAID Tool.
The CalDigit RAID Tool is included with the CalDigit VR2, and VRmini. Both of which are available through CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and through the CalDigit online stores.


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