CalDigit Tip of the Week Nov 1, 2012

If you’re someone who works on location, and needs to back up your data from a video camera or DSLR, then CalDigit’s line of accessories for the VRmini, and AV Drive make it incredibly easy to transport your drives.

The CalDigit Hard Cases for the VRmini, and AV Drive are built solidly with a robust exterior shell that protects your storage from any accidental knocks you may encounter when transporting your drives. Inside the Hard Cases is a soft protective interior that cushions the drives absorbing any knocks.

There is also ample room inside the Hard Cases for the power adapters, and interface cables. This is a very handy way to keep all of your accessories organized.

Also, if you need to transport extra CalDigit drive modules with you on location for your VRmini, CalDigit’s new solid Archive Boxes built for the CalDigit drive modules offer great protection for your extra drives.

The CalDigit Hard Cases, and Archive Boxes are available from CalDigit Resellers wordwide, and through the CalDigit online store.


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