The AV Pro’s Removable Drive – SSD/HDD

Removable DriveThe CalDigit AV Pro‘s removable drive function adds a new concept to the traditional single drive form factor. With traditional single drive storage solutions you are prohibited by the storage capacity that is included with the drive that you bought. The AV Pro brings an innovative concept to the single drive market. The AV Pro can be used with either a 2.5″ SSD, or a 3.5″ HDD.

Removable Drive Module

Why would you need a removable drive? The AV Pro’s front loading removable drive allows you to move data from one AV Pro to another AV Pro in another location. This is a great solution if you’re filming on location, and need to send the footage back to your editor to start working on your project.

One of the best features of the removable drive function is that you can mix and match between the SSD version when you need super fast speeds up to 430MB/s, and then you can insert the 3.5″ HDD version for storage capacities up to 4TB.

AV Pro

CalDigit sells extra drive modules that are protected in a CalDigit Archive Box for safe storage. The SSD versions of the drive modules are available in capacities of 240GB, and 480GB. The 3.5″ HDD version of the drive modules are available in capacities of 1-4TB.


The front of the AV Pro features a drive lock that will make sure that your drive module will never be taken out by accident.

Drive Lock

The CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and from the CalDigit online store.


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