UAS Protocol – The Tech Behind The AV Pro’s Performance


CalDigit’s new storage solution is one of the fastest single drive storage devices on the market. The reason the AV Pro can go way beyond the speeds previously capable by this class of storage is down to the implementation of the UAS Protocol. In the past USB used a protocol called BOT (Bulk Only Transport). This outdated protocol only allowed for single unidirectional commands to be accomplished at one time. The result of this was that USB was not able to get the performance required by creative professionals. The latest protocol known as UAS (USB Attached SCSI) has brought a new level of performance, and stability that has been adopted by all the leaders in the industry.


Apple’s latest generation of Macs that include the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iMac all have USB 3.0 interfaces that incorporate the UAS Protocol.


UAS allows storage devices to queue multiple commands, and execute them out of order in both directions. This drastically increases the efficiency, and performance of the interface. We are now able to get incredible performance, that in the past was only possible with much larger devices.


In the case of the AV Pro SSD model it means that the performance that is achievable is truly outstanding. With an SSD the AV Pro can reach both read, and write speeds of up to 430MB/s from a single bus powered connection! Not only that, but you can now get that level of performance on a laptop thanks to the powerful, and versatile USB 3.0 ports on the latest generation of Mac laptops. It’s now possible to edit up to uncompressed HD footage on the go wherever you are!


The CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and from the CalDigit Online Store.


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