AV Pro – Bus Powered Storage

Bus PoweredThe CalDigit AV Pro has the ability to be bus powered when used with an SSD. This means that no power cable is required to power the AV Pro as it gets it’s power through the interface cable. This feature makes the AV Pro an ideal storage device to use on location. Having the luxury of a bus powered external storage device makes backing up data in the field incredibly hassle free, and allows you to concentrate on getting your work done.

AV Pro Bus Powered

What is better than a bus powered drive? A bus powered drive with an SSD! The benefit of having an SSD when backing up your data is that you are able to get incredibly fast speeds meaning that you waste less time waiting for your files to transfer.

The chart below shows the AV Pro SSD Transfer times. As you can see the speed that the drive can achieve is truly outstanding. A 2GB file can transfer in under 5 seconds! If you’re filming on location onto SD Cards, you will be able to transfer your files in no time!


AV Pro SSD Transfer Times

The AV Pro’s removable drive module is even hot-swappable. This means that you do not even need to turn off the unit. So if you have multiple CalDigit drive modules on location that you are backing up data to, you do not even have to turn the unit off when you are swapping drives.

The CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and through the CalDigit Online Store.


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