AV Pro – The Benefits of SSD Storage


The CalDigit AV Pro’s SDD drive allows it to achieve outstanding speeds of up to 430MB/s, and storage capacities up to 480GB!

Solid State Drive

For people who are looking to upgrade the performance of their external storage, and are interested in taking the leap from a regular 3.5″ external HDD to an SSD device, then the AV Pro is an ideal solution.

AV Pro

If you’re not familiar with SSD storage, there are many benefits associated with using an SSD over a traditional 3.5″ HDD.

  • Completely Silent – SSD drives do not have moving parts, and do not produce any noise!
  • Solid state storage can boot up over 25 times faster than regular hard drives.
  • Hardly any mechanical failure.
  • SSDs can stand a lot of movement, and vibration. This makes them ideal to use on location due to their small form factor.
  • Less Power Consumption.
  • Applications start in seconds.
  • Faster multitasking.
  • Incredibly quick file transfer times.

The AV Pro can also be used as a Bootable drive. This means that you can run your OS, and software from the drive. This would allow you to move your OS onto different workstations. By having a bootable drive that is an SSD means that your OS will boot up incredibly quickly.


The great thing about the AV Pro is that you could buy the 3.5″ HDD version, and then in the future you could upgrade to the SSD version. Or alternatively you could have the best of both worlds, and have the 3.5″ HDD version for storage capacities up to 4TB then use the SSD version for the fast transfer speeds.


When the AV Pro is used with an SSD it can also be bus powered, as SSD storage requires less power!

AV Pro Bus PoweredThe CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit resellers worldwide, and through the CalDigit Online Store.


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