AV Pro – The Fastest USB 3.0 Single Drive Storage?

Transfer Speed Table

CalDigit has been making storage solutions for creative professionals for over 10 years, and we know that our customers demand the best possible performance from their storage. With the release of the AV Pro we have brought to the market a single drive storage solution with a unique removable drive. This is something not commonly found in the single drive form factor.


Not only is the AV Pro uniquely designed from the perspective of its removable drive, but it is unique in the outstanding performance that it is able to achieve. We have been trying to find a USB 3.0 single drive storage solution that is faster than the AV Pro, but we are struggling to find one! Every drive we have looked at can’t achieve anywhere near the AV Pro’s 430MB/s read, and write speeds! Some of the drives we looked at, that are not on the above table, did not have their speeds published on their websites. Take a look at our previous blog post about how some manufacturers do not always publish all of their read and write speeds for some of their products. CalDigit’s implementation of the UAS Protocol, the latest USB 3.0 technology, means that the AV Pro is capable of using a greater amount of the bandwidth available from the USB 3.0 interface. Check out our previous post about the AV Pro’s use of the UAS Protocol.

SSD Table

It’s evident that the AV Pro more than outperforms other similar USB 3.0 storage, but how does it compare to other similar SSD storage?

As you can see from the table above the AV Pro also outperforms other SSD single drive storage. Even more than that, the AV Pro has a larger SSD storage capacity. The fact that the AV Pro has a removable drive means that you can always add extra storage capacities without the need of buying a whole new device. All you need to do is get an extra CalDigit AV Pro drive module!

AVPro_05The CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit Resellers Worldwide, and from the CalDigit online store.

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