Quality Assurance

CalDigit Difference

Did you know that if you own a CalDigit product, before that product was shipped out to you, it was tested in our facilities to make sure it reached CalDigit’s standards before it left our warehouses?


Every single external storage solution we sell is thoroughly checked, and if it does not meet our standards it will not be shipped out. At CalDigit we do not just get our products assembled in huge factories, and have them shipped directly out to customers. We do this because we want to be certain that every product we sell meets our standards.

We actually assemble our products in our various CalDigit branches around the globe, as we know that our customers are creative professionals who demand only the highest quality products.


This concept of testing our products gives us an advantage over other companies. Those other storage manufacturers have a higher percentage of products being returned to them due to a lack of testing before those products were shipped out. Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?


These are the types of things that our technical teams look for:

  • HDD speeds – are all the drives in the device up to full specification? HDDs have moving parts, and if they are not up to scratch they can underperform.
  • Interface functionality – every connection on the device is tested to assess that it works flawlessly.
  • Latest firmware  – other companies have their drives sitting on a shelf for a long time, and this requires you to perform the updates yourself after you buy the unit.

AV Pro SSD Speed

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers, because you trust us in backing up your data, and we in return want to give you the best possible service we can.


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