Removing the AV Pro’s Drive Module


The AV Pro‘s unique function is that it features a removable drive. Normally in the single drive form factor, storage devices do not allow you to take out the drive, and replace it. However, with the AV Pro, if you buy the 3.5″ HDD version, and want to upgrade it to the SSD version all you have to do is get an SSD Drive Module. This will give you a speed boost from 200MB/s to 430MB/s! That’s over double the speed! You could even go from the SSD version to the 3.5″ HDD version for storage capacities up to 4TB!

Follow these steps to remove the AV Pro’s drive module:


The possibilities for the AV Pro’s removable drive are endless, and this function can be used in many different scenarios! Whether you’re using the AV Pro’s removable drive to expand your storage capacity, or to move data from one location to the other, the AV Pro is both flexible and functional.

The CalDigit AV Pro is available now from CalDigit Resellers Worldwide, and from the CalDigit Online Store.


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