CalDigit T3 @ The Swish Club’s 10th Anniversary

The T3, CalDigit’s new three bay RAID solution, was used for the The Swish Club‘s 10th Anniversary celebrations!

DSC_4472The fight was shot using the Canon C500 camera connected to the AJA Ki-Pro Quad for ProRes 4444 recording. This allowed for seamless importing into FCP. A MacBook Pro was connected via Thunderbolt to the CalDigit T3 to transfer the 4K videos files. The T3’s form factor means that you can finally utilize blazingly fast speeds up to 550MB/s on location with 3.5″ HDDs, and 850MB/s with three SSDs.

AJA-Caldigit workflowThe shoot utilized three AJA Ki-Pak 256GB discs, with each one of them capable of recording 25 minutes of 4K ProRes 4444. The crew would swap out disks in the AJA Ki-Pro in order to record the two hour event. After swapping out the disks the 4K video files would be backed-up to the CalDigit T3 so that the Ki-Pak disk could be re-used. On top of this, 4K RAW was recording over Thunderbolt to the T3 at the same time as the Ki-Pak back-up.


The CalDigit T3 will be available soon through CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and the CalDigit online store. 


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