CalDigit T3 Video


12 thoughts on “CalDigit T3 Video

  1. Any hint on the release date?
    Will you sell them driveless?
    Will the unit ship with different wall plugs? i.e. Australia

    1. We will be announcing the release date very soon.
      The T3 comes fully populated with HDDs or SSDs. All our products are sold with drives in order to maintain optimum performance. The 3.5″ HDD versions of the T3 will be available in capacities of 6TB, 9TB, and 12TB.
      The T3 will come with one mains plug specific to your region. If you purchase it from a reseller in Australia it will have the correct plug.

    1. We only sell complete external RAID storage solutions. We do this in order to make sure customer’s get the best possible performance and reliability from their device by using HDDs or SSDs that have been validated to work to optimum performance with the device. If there is ever a problem with one of the HDDs in the unit, and the device is in warranty we will replace the HDD.

    1. The tentative price for the 9TB T3 will be around $899 MSRP. However, this price may change around the time when the product is released. It is still to be confirmed. Final pricing and information about the release date will be announced very soon.

  2. Is the width / depth of the the T3 the same as the T2? what will be the price of a spare 4 TB HDD? Are the T1, T2 and T3 working with time machine? We would like to use the T3, T2 and evtl. T1 with 2 mac pro. Is it possible to access them from 2 computers over thunderbolt at the same time? do you have a delivery date for switzerland yet? thanks and best regards

    1. The T3 will work with Time Machine. You cannot connect a Thunderbolt storage device to two computers unless you are using a network solution between the storage and the computer. We will be announcing the release date of the T3 very soon.

      1. I am really looking forward to the T3. hope the release date for Switzerland will be latest mid-december and that it won’t be the same as the T2 that has been announced 1 1/2 year ago and is still not deliverable. I am a professional photogrpaher and will update my hardware with the new Mac Pro by the end of the year and need at the same time three T3 units with 4 TB HDD. If it’s not released by then I will unfortunatly have to look for an other solution. Can you tell us if the release date is before end of 2013?

  3. As you mentionned the T3 will be deliver with your own HDDs. Will it be possible to use other HDDs than the one you deliver with the T3? For example, If I have a 2 TB disk with some data on it. Can I insert this disk in the T3 and transfer the data to my mac?

    1. If you put your own HDDs into the T3 it would void the warranty on the unit. We recommend that you use the CalDigit spare Drive Modules that will be available in capacities of 1-4TB.

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