T3 with RAID 5

Last month CalDigit added RAID 5 functionality to the T3 Thunderbolt 2 RAID. This means that RAID 5 has become more affordable than ever starting from just $499. Traditional RAID 5 storage has been confined to larger RAID towers in the past. The ability to have RAID 5 in such a compact 3-bay RAID has made it incredibly convenient and accessible for pro users.


By adding RAID 5 everyone can experience the balance between performance and security that only RAID 5 can deliver. The 3-bay design of the T3 has allowed CalDigit to implement RAID 5. The T3, which competes with traditional 2-bay RAID storage in terms of price, is able to implement RAID 5 technology because of the unique 3-bay design. This is something that 2-bay RAID storage devices cannot do.

The third drive in the T3 means faster performance than a 2-bay RAID in RAID 0, higher capacity than a 2-bay, and now the implementation of RAID 5. In fact the T3 in RAID 5 has slightly faster performance than a 2-bay RAID in RAID 0, but it gives users single drive redundancy, which a 2-bay RAID is not capable of.

T3 RAID 5 Info
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Incase anyone is not familiar with how RAID 5 works, it gives users performance and piece-of-mind. The T3 in RAID 5 takes away the capacity of one drive, but in the unlikely event of a drive failure, all user data is still available on the other two drives. Then all a user has to do is put in a new drive and it automatically rebuilds.

CalDigit T3

RAID 5 also gives great performance whilst providing protection. The fact that the T3 offers RAID 5 in such a compact package makes it great for pro users who are on location to back-up video files with RAID 5 protection. RAID 0 is superb for those times when you need to access high resolution files fast. However, RAID 5 can provide great performance whilst at the same time protecting your files from any drive failures. On top of this the T3 features an industry leading 5 year warranty for added piece-of-mind.


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